Water Tender discussion update:

This is the audio files from JCFPD Board meetings of 12/12/17 and 1/9/18 in which Chief Marinelli was instructed by the Board to accept a $40,000 donation from San Pasqual Fire Department for the purchase of a water tender. Per San Pasqual Fire Department Board President Steve Howerzyl, Chief Marinelli tried to negotiate the use of the funds for other purposes contrary to the direction of the JCFPD Board. Included is the letter from Board President Steve Howerzyl explaining his conversations with Chief Marinelli.

At the 2-13-18 JCFPD Board Meeting, FF Brian Crouch handed a letter to the board stating that he (San Pasqual Fire Department Board President Steve Howerzyl) sent a hard copy of the letter to the JCPFD mail box. The letters were addressed to each member of the board yet were never delivered to the board members. Is that not a violation of the Postal code, interception of the US mail? 

Steve Howerzyl statement about WT money from San Pasqual