Julian Fire Plugs Arts and Crafts Fair

f you have a product you’d like to sell, or a business you’d like to promote, the Julian Arts & Crafts Fair will provide an excellent opportunity to display and market your merchandise.

Local artisans, artists and crafters will have an opportunity to introduce not only our local residents, but visitors from out of town, to their products.

The location of the Fair will be the Rabobank parking lot. The parking lot has high visibility and we expect a large number people will be in town on this weekend. Reservations are just beginning to be made, but because there is limited space we recommend any interested vendors to contact us at:

We can provide you with additional information and send you a Vendors Application. There will be a waiting list for any late entries.

The cost of renting a 10’x10′ space is $35. This event is being sponsored by the Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District (JCFPD) and organized by┬áthe Julian Fire Plugs, a non-profit organization of community volunteers working to support theJCFPD. Any profit from space rental or donations will go to the Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District.

Even if you’re not a vendor, come see us on May 23rd at the Julian Arts & Crafts Fair.
There will be a lot to see, and should be a lot of fun!